competence development

Competence motivates. Employees who make use of targeted working methods deal with their tasks more confidently and creatively.

mitte consult qualifies individuals, teams and groups: In effective, targeted, systematic ways, whether in training sessions, seminars, workshops or comprehensive qualification training programmes.

In this way, work and communications processes can be designed more efficiently, roles can be filled in a professional manner, the transfer of expertise in your company can be accelerated and goals can be implemented more effectively.

Recognising needs, designing learning processes, supporting application

mitte consult joins you in highlighting developmental needs and assembles a tailored qualification programme: Either over one or more days or on a modular basis.

After undergoing this stimulating mix of methods, the partipants increase their perception, develop their inner posture and expand both their knowledge and their methodological competence as they advance professionally.

Self-reflection, exchanges  among colleagues, professional impulses on the side of the trainers and experiential learning in simulations, role-playing and practice situations all support this active learning process.

Competence development with mitte consult means enhancing strengths, developing potentials, testing methods, with joy in learning and success in practical implementation.