leadership competence

Managers face a variety of challenges: These include thinking ahead and making company-relevant decisions, leading, developing and evaluating staff, motivating them and promoting cooperation within the team, managing themselves and reflecting on both their own role and their leadership behaviour.
How experts become managers

During the learning process, beginning and experienced managers examine themselves and their environment. Depending on the programm, this process may include the following topics:

– Exploring the strengths and learning areas of one’s own self and expanding social competencies
– Shaping role-playing within the context of demands as well as vision and target definition
– Developing intelligent management and a personal leadership style, in attitudes and behaviour
– Developing approaches and clarifications in the adoption of a new leadership function
– Conducting staff discussions and designing feedback
– A proactive and constructive approach to conflicts and leadership dilemmas
– Leading present and virtual teams, utilising cultural differences, managing diversity
– Motivating and promoting team cooperation and innovative power
– Recognising and suitably moderating group-dynamic processes
– developing agile leadership as a paradigm for one self as well as within the organization
– Promoting and developing staff, recognising potentials
– Managing contacts to clients, within projects and throughout the entire organisation

Profit from our long-standing experience in management development in large business organisations and medium-sized companies both in Germany and abroad.

Format: Seminar | Online Seminar | Management coaching | Remote Coaching | Modular programming | Blended learning  | Cooperative advisory group
Method: Exchange of experience | Keynote presentation l Implementation exercise l Simulation l Role-playing l Self-reflexion