horse coaching

Horses are powerful and sensitive herd and flight animals. As such, they respond both directly and objectively to human beings. When dealing with animals we can quickly tell if we are leading authentically. How do we orient ourselves in unfamiliar situations? How do we respond to new challenges and the need for flexibility? How do we communicate our intentions? Do we communicate confidence or insecurity? Do we provide orientation? Do we create pressure?

My horse – my mirror

We offer horse-based management training in the form of personal or small group coaching at Schleuener Hof on the outskirts of Berlin ( with experienced coaches, qualified horse experts and well-suited Icelandic horses.

Coaching with horses provides participants with encounters and experiential learning on the following topics:

– My leadership style in unfamiliar situations

– Goal-setting and communication

– Contact, intervention and feedback

– Building confidence, closeness and distance

– Influence and decision-making

After clarifying the learning goal within a discussion, we select horses that match the subject area. The exercises take place in the riding hall. Self-reflection and (video) feedback assist the participants in integrating their experiences. A discussion will relate insights regarding the participants’ own behavioural tendencies and their “natural” authority to the ways in which they manage their employees.

Experience how leadership can become a lived reality – a practical way to expand participants’ frame of action to match their learning goals. You too can profit from our years of experience working with people and horses!

Format: Coaching with horses | Coaching with horses in a small group | Coaching with horses within a modular programme  | Team training | Remote-coaching
Method: Clarifying learning goals | Information on using horses | Exercises with horses | Video feedback | Transfer discussion | Self-reflection