“You can’t NOT communicate” (cf. Watzlawick). Even so, sometimes your conversation partner hears something other than what you intended. And their reaction is often not the one you wanted to hear.

Lively and professional communication with colleagues, clients, staff, management and project partners.

How can I communicate in an authentic matter that is suitable to the situation? How can I express myself? How do others experience me? What do I wish to discuss? How do I listen? How do I deal with feelings within a discussion? What framework can support sustainable solutions? What success factors lead to rewarding discussions?

For many years we have supported seminar groups, teams and individuals to understand communication flows, to acquire expertise in discussion management and to practice new behaviour in a protected learning environment.

The main focus is on learning needs and developmental goals: Improving general communication competence, rhetoric, the presentation of content and person, feedback competence, discussion management and customer communication. As communication specialists, we make ourselves available to you as you tailor your formats and learning content in order to professionalise communication behaviour. This ensures that, by using the right words and contact-friendly communication behaviours, professional experts will achieve the greatest substantial impact and work well together within their team.

Format: Seminar | Online seminar | Individual training | Team workshop | Modular programm | Blended learning
Method: Exchange of experience | Keynote presentation | Exercises | Video feedback | Role-playing | Self-reflexion