Goal-oriented work with flexible time management for the individual person is becoming increasingly routine in companies. The point is learning how to deal with growing demands regarding flexibility, dedication and information processing, all against the backdrop of increasing complexity and growing time pressure. In this way, healthy self-organisation for persons on all hierarchical levels and in a wide range of different organisational designs is becoming essential.

Managing oneself: Energy paves the way to objectives

Our self-organisation and stress management seminars stimulate a targeted and careful approach to time and energy, with oneself and with others, on a professional and personal basis.

This is our approach: First, an analysis undertaken at a decelerated tempo makes it possible to identify personal patterns in behaviour, to identify environmental factors and set goals. This then serves as a decision-making tool for quick, target-oriented and efficient action. Work techniques for priority-setting, time-planning and efficient communication, dealing with disruptions and stress factors as well as the use of relaxation techniques equip the participants to recognise complex connections and test out alternatives.

Profit from our practical approach in training and consulting. In the interaction of knowledge, methodology, consideration of one’s own personality and environmental conditions, pro-active action and feasibility boundaries, participants will themselves begin transferring what they have learned within the seminar itself.

We support you in selecting and tailoring the correct learning form for your needs.

Format: Seminar | Online seminar | Individual training | Modular programme | Blended learning | Coaching | Remote Coaching
Method: Exchange of experience | Checklist | Keynote presentation | Exercise | Case study | Role-playing | Self-reflexion