conflict management

Hamstringing, bullying, sabotage – nothing cripples productivity more than conflicts in the workplace.

For many years, mitte consult has been supporting individuals and organisations in conflict management – constructively, appreciatively and on a solution-oriented basis.

We offer you learning forms and clarification support for persons, groups and teams in order to expand their conflict competency and to develop sustainable conflict solutions. And we also systematically help your company to develop a constructive conflict management culture.

Conflict as an opportunity for development

Utilise our consultancy before your conflict escalates: By discussing it with us, you can find the suitable measure, whether it is a general seminar for strengthening conflict competency (more personality-oriented or more method-oriented), individual coaching of a person for conflict resolution, the development of mediation competence or professional moderation between the conflicting parties.

After all, it is better to blow off steam than blow up the company.