conflict resolution through coaching

People are offered a choice of different strategies for handling internal conflicts or conflicts with other people: Depending on their culture of origin, their personal circumstances, their learned behaviour, their degree of affectedness or the effects of the conflict.

Sometimes these strategies are not sufficient when it comes to addressing a conflict situation constructively. Sometimes one’s own behaviour unintentionally contributes to the escalation. Stuctural or process-related factors can lead to insecurity, unpleasant feelings can increase and growing communication disturbances can make conflict analysis and thus the understanding of the conflict’s origins difficult. Not only the individual is blocked, but also the surrounding work processes.

How can one’s own conflict be resolved constructively?

A trusting discussion on conflict resolution with a coach from mitte consult helps not only the affected person to understand the conflict field better, thus recognising his or her own communication and conflict patterns. Personal factors are examined in a protected framework and new behaviours are tried out. The coachee develops ways to set the discussion process back in motion, to join the conflict partner in better understanding the conflict and seeking sustainable, creative solutions to advance the entire process. The trapped energy once again flows into actual work tasks.

With our long-standing coaching experience, we clarify in advance which approach is suitable and we help clarify the goals of the working framework of the coaching in a realistic manner.

Format: Contact discussion | Remote coaching | Sequence of coaching sessions | Follow-up discussion
Method: Proven coaching intervention | Feedback | Role-playing  | Self-reflexion | Models | Test procedures