conflict competence

Conflicts are unavoidable in our everyday professional life. They are simply part of our reality. Proactively dealing with conflict potentials calls for innovation, in-house clarification, improved quality and intensive mutual conflict. Conflict competence thus represents a basic professional qualification.

However, conflict symptoms are not always easy to recognise. And when the conflict arrives, the participants’ spontaneous reactions are often counter-productive while the inner pressure grows. Uncertainty about how to behave hinders not only the affected person but also the work processes surrounding him or her.

Overcoming conflicts with awareness and expertise

Developing conflict competence with mitte consult enables the participants to recognise the course of conflicts better. They develop a deeper understanding of their own behavioural intentions and their effects on themselves and on their environment. Moreover, they learn how to bring about clarifying discussions and utilise constructive communication tools. Using a solution-finding “map” in conflict situations enhances one’s confidence to act in everyday situations.

If your learning goal is moderation competence in conflict situations, mitte consult also stands at your disposal with proven learning forms and vast experience in training and conflict clarification.

The instrument of collegial consultation enables colleagues to examine conflict situations and develop solutions on their own.

Format: Seminar | Online seminar | Individual training | Modular programme | Blended learning
Method: Exchange | Keynote presentation | Exercise | Case study | Role-playing | Self-reflection | Collegial consultation