conflict management system

The way in which a company deals with conflicts results from the assumptions and behaviours of the affected individuals, senior staff and colleagues – and it informs the conflict culture. In most conflicts, the affected persons are left to fend for themselves: Company assistance through official conflict mediators or company agreements on the structural management of conflicts are usually not available.

This means the loss of a great deal of energy and it can also lead to considerable costs: These frequently arise from attempts to suppress tensions, power struggles and intrigues, sick notices, failed business relationships, labour litigation or dismissals. Outside mediators are frequently introduced too late and may then only be able to offer isolated solutions.

Ready for conflict resolution within your company

The conflict management system consists on the one hand of enhanced conflict competence on the part of the entire staff. On the other, it is composed of transparently regulated conflict resolution processes that are supported by qualified internal company mediators. In this way, conflicts are dealt with promptly and effective solutions are introduced. The benefits from this system include sustainable results in individual cases, reduced costs and also a cultural shift towards more open communication, individual responsibility, mutual appreciation and innovation.

mitte consult supports organisations in their systematic management of conflicts – in a constructive, mutually appreciative and solution-oriented manner. We support you from the initial analysis of the conflict culture through the creation of a company framework and the creation of a contact point for affected individuals. We then accompany you all the way to the development of an internal regulatory structure that includes responsible in-company staff. We train selected internal moderators, advise you in difficult cases and in quality control.

Format: Task clarification | Conflict training | Online seminar | Analysis and systemic consultation | Qualification of conflict guides
Method: Systemic and gestalt-oriented intervention for consultation, project work and training