conflict resolution within a group

Conflict situations in everyday professional situations can include tensions between management and employees, disrupted cooperation in the department, hardened positions in the project team, misunderstandings with clients and differences between organisations. The causes may include cultural differences and opposing interests, structural factors, unclear processes and expectations or personal behavioural patterns.

The conflict escalates and expands, unpleasant feelings increase, communication is reduced to a minimum. The search for a mutual and sustainable solution is blocked. The conflict increasingly hinders daily operations and absorbs a great deal of attention. This wears not only on your nerves but also on your budget.

support when your own in-house means are not sufficient to bring about a resolution

Sometimes the participants and/or their superiors do not manage to gain control of a conflict themselves. As experienced, non-partisan go-betweens, the consultants from mitte consult provide quick and effective assistance: We help to re-establish a dialogue situation, and we do it on an appreciative and impartial basis. The conflict parties not only trade positions but also speak about their genuine interests. They themselves develop realistic solutions within a protected framework. Thus substantive responsibility for the solution remains with the affected persons. The moderator is responsible for the dialogue structure.

Take advantage of our consultancy for dealing with concrete conflict situations before the conflict escalates: We will discuss the appropriate framework, realistic goals, the next concrete steps, the sequence of measures and the circle of persons to be included.

Format: Needs assessment l Conflict Resolution l Individual preparatory discussion l Large group moderation
Method: Communication and conflict mediation intervention l Visualisation media