management coaching

Transformation processes, new responsibilities, key objectives, challenging discussions: Mastering difficult situations demands not only professional knowledge, but also a high degree of social and methodological competence. Balanced self-management, role clarity and confidence in executive action are all success factors for managers.

Clarifying, learning and developing in private discussions

As coaches, we are an experienced and trustworthy discussion partner for reflexion, exchange, feedback and methodological impulses within a mutually appreciative working atmosphere. At the same time, we take personal, structural and company-related aspects into consideration. In a preliminary discussion, we clarify the need, framework and objective of each measure as the basis for this temporary working relationship. We prepare decisions with you within a protective framework, practice difficult discussions, clarify questions and test behaviours.

Coaching topics are as diverse as the persons we advise and the companies to which they belong: Strategic decisions, personal behavioural tendencies, conflicts, leadership styles, Agility as a leadership paradigm, presentation preparation, work-life-balance, career decisions as well as virtual and intellectual demands. What all of these topics have in common is that the individual person – with his or her questions and goals, with the topics that are agreed upon between coachee, coach and/or senior staff – is at the core of the process. All processes, contents and results within this process remain confidential.

Format: Cost-free contact discussion | One to two working sessions | Remote Coaching | Follow-up discussion
Method: Discussion | Visualisation | Analysis and test procdures such as career anchors, STAB test, MBTI, The Persolog-Profil (DISC Model), systematic structural constellations | Role-playing with feedback | Feedback | Exploring one’s own inner team | Value and behavioural reflexion | Self-reflexion