organisational consulting

Companies are sustainable as long as they keep developing – ideally with strategic guidance.

Those who wish to recognise challenges, make consistent use of resources and not only make pathbreaking decisions but also implement them, will find mitte consult to be an experienced partner.
Our expertise in organisational development and our competence in handling diversity will contribute to making your company’s future manageable. As a result, existing potentials will generate motivating company goals, mutually appreciative cooperation and concrete competitive advantages on both a regional and global scale.

Recognising conditions, developing and implementing strategies

 mitte consult supports you in preparing practical analyses and it assists you in conducting results-oriented strategic planning and transforming new objectives into concrete company-specific processes.

We help you to identify relevant topics and advise you on draughting a suitable process architecture for planned transformations. Continuous planning ensures constant goal orientation against the backdrop of shifting parameters. Process reflexion facilitates organisational learning.

Take advantage of our experience and our expertise in diversity management, agile process design, active large group interventions and the implementation of strategic decisions. In this way, you can use the opportunities that global development provides in a way that effectively impacts the future. At the same time, you can focus your company culture on the diverse working methods, backgrounds and experiences of people, optimise procedures and realise strategic decisions on the various levels of your organisation.


Format: Management workshop | Interview | Large group | Management coaching | Remote Coaching
Method: Analytical and testing procedures | Balanced scorecard | Systematic structural constellations | Open space | Future Search | Whole scale change | Functional organisational design