strategic human resources development

A company’s sustainability is strongly determined by the qualifications of its personnel in regard to competencies that the company needs both today and tomorrow. Strategic approaches in human resource development connect the company’s internal and external demands, its visions and its company goals with the necessary human resource development measures: This ranges from analysis, concept development, the implementation of qualifying measures to an evaluation of the entire competency development process.

Targeted qualifications: From needs assessment to implementation and evaluation.

We support you on all levels: Both in the development of a competency model for your leadership circle, in the development of a curriculum for potential high performers as well as in the implementation of the qualification procedure itself.

Individual managers profit from strategy-oriented management development to the same degree that the entire company does: Management learns to lead competently, while at the same time motivation, trust and company loyalty grow. Role bearers assume responsibility and promote flexible procedures and rapid lead times. Transparency on the competency model, personnel selection, promotion and career opportunities reduce fluctuation and competence remains within the enterprise. Finally, satisfied managers and staff are highly motivated.

Thanks to strategic human resources development, you can invest in qualifications on a needs and goal-oriented foundation – with the greatest possible impact on the development of your organisation. Profit from the bundled experience of our consultant and trainer team!

Format: Needs assessment | Management workshop | Project consultation  | Qualification | Evaluation
Method: Project management instruments | Testing procedures | Interview | Balanced scorecard | Consultation tools