workshop moderation

Pointing to essential changes, addressing critical issues, making delicate decisions, coming together in unfamiliar constellations: It is so much easier to discuss contents and issues when a constructive discussion framework is maintained. But despite all the time we invest, meetings frequently do not bring as many results as all the participants may have wished.

Discuss and decide with clarity, mutual appreciation, efficiency and sustainability

More and more managers are conducting regular workshops with their teams and/or groups of responsible staff (once or twice annually) in order to discuss their strategic and conceptual orientation, the distribution of tasks and roles as well as cooperation. Professional moderation provides you with a platform for developing topics on a target and results-oriented basis and in a constructive and mutually appreciative way – with a focus on the most relevant points. The structure of the discussion, the timing, the selection of suitable methods as well as the documentation of the results are in the hands of the moderator.

The concrete approach depends on the goal and range of the relevant issues. During our shared preparation for the session you will profit from our experience when it comes to deciding which aspects to clarify in advance and which persons should be included. Achieving and documenting results makes it easier to take the next steps toward implementation.

Alongside management sessions, we also provide you with large group procedures to allow you to speak actively about information, viewpoints and approaches within a short period of time. By talking with between eight and over a thousand persons from different hierarchy levels and fields of activity you can collect and evaluate shared knowledge and procedural recommendations, reflect on strategies and determine goals and visions.

Format: Management workshop | Closed-session meeting | Open space | Future search | Whole scale change
Method: Moderation and visualisation methods | Decision-making procedures