fritz schütte

Organization development consultant, trainer, coach
Diploma in Psychology
* 1955


  • Facilitation in Change processes, Mergers and Team development
  • Developing and conducting training of Communication, Teamwork, Project management, Leadership, Conflict resolution, Creativity in everyday professional life
  • Facilitation in Conflict situations
  • Executive Coaching


  • Many years of experience in Team development, Coaching and Training
  • Founding member and executive partner of mitte consult
  • Many years of Program manager and Trainer in organization development program at IGG Berlin
  • Many years of Leadership in a counselling centre
  • Private practice for Gestalt psychotherapy until nineties


  • Certification for conducting the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)
  • Certificate as Skilful Intercultural Facilitator (at the SIIC, Portland, Oregon, USA)
  • Training in Time management, Project management
  • Training and certificate in Gestalt and systemic organization consulting, (IGG Berlin, 2 1/4 years)
  • Supervisor BDP
  • Qualification with certificate as Gestalt therapist (IGG-Berlin, 4 years)


  • Study of Psychology, History and Philosophy with Diploma in Psychology (FU Berlin)