ulrike franz

Supervisor, coach
Certified social education worker
  • Supervision for individuals, teams and groups
  • Coaching for executives in the psychosocial field
  • Supervision for supervisors of challenging clientele
  • Many years of professional practice as an educator and social education worker
  • Supervision of clients in crisis situations
  • Solid expertise in management and consulting
  • Experience in human resources management, project management and public relations
  • Advisor in the Berlin Senate Administration for Justice and Consumer Protection
  • Educator at an all-day primary school with a focus on the integration of daycare and school
Additional qualifications
  • Supervisor for German Society for Supervision/DGSv (Institut Triangel Berlin/Hamburg)
  • Systemic consultant and process supervisor (Berlin Institute for Family Therapy/BIF)
  • Qualification series on leadership skills (Berlin Administrative Academy)
  • State-certified educator (college of social education work)
Academic training
  • Certified social worker (advanced technical college)