walter von below

Trainer, coach
Businessman, philosophy studies
  • Conflict resolution, professional attitude, life balance (burn-out prevention), crisis intervention, social behaviour
  • Individual and team supervision
  • Rehabilitation management: Systematic professional reintegration (SPR), case management
  • Trainer and consultant
  • Executive and manager in projects
  • Psychotherapist, family therapist
Additional qualifications
  • Systemic therapy/family constellations: Coloman Centre, Munich
  • Audio‐psycho-phonology: Centre APP Tomatis Paris
  • NLP: Lohmarer Institut für Weiterbildung e.V.
  • Mediation: Tailored consulting
Academic training
  • Commercial training: HERTIE
  • Philosophy studies: University of Hamburg
  • Gestalt psychotherapist/supervisor: Institut GENI e.V. Frankfurt